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Welcome to the British Mathematical Olympiad

(8 January 2015)

The UK will compete in the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition in 2015, to be held in Bucharest, 25 February–1 March. The Team Leader will be Dominic Yeo (University of Oxford) and the Deputy Leader will be James Gazet (Eton College). The UK team will be:

Joe BentonSt Paul’s School
Liam HughesRobert Smyth Academy
Samuel KittleSimon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Warren LiEton College
Harry MetrebianWinchester College
Harvey YauYsgol Dyffryn Taf

(12–14 December 2014)

BMO Round 1 was marked in Cambridge on 12–14 December. (Some candidates from other countries also sat the paper, with their scripts being marked using the same mark schemes, and high scores from those countries are also indicated below when available.) The following candidates scored 51 or more out of 60.

Joe Benton60
Alex Harris60
Lawrence Hollom60
Liam Hughes60
Samuel Kittle60
Kyung Chan Lee60
Warren Li60
Milton Lin60
Bhavik Mehta60
Harry Metrebian60
Neel Nanda60
Philip Peters60
Harvey Yau60
Jiani Li59
Yuyang Miao59
Xiangjia Kong58
Xiao Ma58
Luke Gardiner (Ireland)57
Hugo Aaronson55
Yuan Gao55
Hoseong Seo55
Chen Lu54
Michael Ng53
Chikashi Rison53
Olivia Aaronson52
Jongheon Jeon52
Gareth Jones52
Ashkat Sarkeev52
Valeriia Gladkova51
Alex Gunasekera51
Tomoka Kan51
Chris Liu51
Nico Marrin51
Conor Murphy51
Joon Young Yoon51

(29 November 2014)

This year’s BMO Round 1 paper was taken yesterday; video solutions are temporarily available online. Production facilities for the video were donated by the University of Bath Audio Visual Unit.

(13 November 2014)

To assist candidates preparing for this year’s BMO Round 1, video solutions to last year’s paper are again available online.

BMO1 for 2014/2015 will be sat on 28 November. Because of candidates sitting the paper in different time zones, an embargo on public discussion of the paper will apply until the problems and solutions appear on this site the following morning.

(24 October 2014)

The following participants in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) have been awarded book prizes.

Olivia Aaronson
Hannah Black
Rosie Cates
Sophie Crane
Yanni Du
Katherine Horton
Olivia Hu
Claire Jang
Liberty Jones
Sophie Jones
Julie Jouas Yosano
Tomoka Kan
Kirsten Land
Bridget Langford
Jackie Li
Sophie Maclean
Georgina Majury
Eve Pound
Sophie Sadler
Xinyu Shen
Polina Skliarevitch
Marguerite Tong
Alice Vaughan-Williams
Naomi Wei
Emily Wolfenden
Joanna Yass
Danshu Zhang
Duo Zhao

(19 October 2014)

The solutions to the 2014 UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls paper now include extended discussions of the problems and the approaches taken by candidates.

(17 October 2014)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) was marked on 4–5 October in Cambridge. The following candidates scored 31 or more out of 50. Results will be received by schools after half-term.

Kirsten Land50
Mingdu Li48
Danshu Zhang43
Joanna Yass42
Olivia Aaronson41
Rosie Cates41
Liberty Jones41
Sophie Maclean39
Tomoka Kan38
Duo Zhao36
Claire Jang35
Jinhao Lon34
Georgina Majury34
Katherine Horton33
Jackie Li33
Eve Pound33
Marguerite Tong33
Alice Vaughan-Williams33
Xinyu Shen32
Polina Skliarevitch32
Julie Jouas Yosano31
Naomi Wei31

(28 September 2014)

An unofficial report on IMO 2014 from the student perspective, by UK team member Gabriel Gendler, is now available.

(26 September 2014)

Solutions to the UK MOG 2014 paper are now available; these will be expanded after marking.

(25 September 2014)

The 2014 olympiad teams’ achievements were celebrated at the Royal Society on Thursday 25 September; Professor Bernard Silverman FRS gave the 37th annual IMO lecture, on “Mathematics and Science in the Home Office”.

(24 September 2014)

The UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (UK MOG) paper was taken yesterday. Solutions will appear later. The paper will be marked on the weekend of 4–5 October.

(7 August 2014)

A report on IMO 2014 by Deputy Leader Dominic Yeo is now available.

(23 July 2014)

The reports on past IMOs now include Geoff Smith’s report on IMO 2014.

(11 July 2014)

The IMO papers were sat on 8 and 9 July. The results of the UK team members are shown below. We obtained four Silver and two Bronze medals and a score of 142 out of 252, coming 20th out of 101 participating countries. The medal boundaries were for 29 for Gold, 22 for Silver and 16 for Bronze.

Name Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6TotalMedal
Joe Benton 7 5 1 7 4 024Silver Medal
Gabriel Gendler 7 6 0 7 2 022Silver Medal
Frank Han 7 4 0 7 2 020Bronze Medal
Freddie Illingworth 5 7 0 7 2 021Bronze Medal
Warren Li 7 7 0 7 7 028Silver Medal
Harvey Yau 7 6 0 7 7 027Silver Medal

The team leaves Cape Town on Sunday 13 July and arrives back in the UK on Monday 14 July. The achievements of this year’s UK olympiad teams will be celebrated at the Royal Society on Thursday 25 September, when Professor Bernard Silverman FRS will give the 37th annual IMO lecture, on “Mathematics and Science in the Home Office”.

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.

(11 July 2014)

The 60th International Mathematical Olympiad will be held in the UK in July 2019.

(9 July 2014)

The IMO 2014 papers were sat on 8 and 9 July in Cape Town; the problems (day 1, day 2) are available. The problems were submitted by Austria, Croatia, Iran, Georgia, Luxembourg and Austria / USA respectively.

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.

(5 July 2014)

The UK has won the seventh Mathematics Ashes competition, decided on the results of today’s practice exam at the joint pre-IMO training camp in Cape Town; the results for the two teams were as follows, with the UK scoring a total of 59 and Australia scoring a total of 50:

CodeName Q1Q2Q3Total
UNK1Joe Benton 77014
UNK2Gabriel Gendler 7018
UNK3Frank Han 5005
UNK4Freddie Illingworth7209
UNK5Warren Li 77014
UNK6Harvey Yau 2709
AUS1Alexander Gunning 77721
AUS2Seyoon Ragavan 7007
AUS3Mel Shu 7018
AUS4Yang Song 7007
AUS5Praveen Wijerathna 0000
AUS6Damon Zhong 7007

Our thanks to this year’s IMO supporter, Oxford Asset Management.